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Ideas and technique to help you promote and image radio

How talkSPORT brings seven big FA games to life

This weekend (if you include Monday) saw seven big FA Cup games played with all commentary coming from the big shots over at talkSPORT – so seven magnificent games is the perfect excuse to be a little bit creative with a promo trail, no?!

The art of Radio Imaging Production

In this guest post, Orion Media’s David Lloyd explores the challenges of writing a radio promo script …

talkSPORT’s Goodfellas parody trails

Memorable station trails can boost your station’s hours – take a listen to some new creative from talkSPORT.

Eastenders’ consistent messaging across radio and TV

Eastenders uses both TV creative and radio creative to promote the return of Sharon. See how the creatives differ to help create a variety of emotional connections with the audience.

The London Olympics through others’ eyes

One event, many promo styles. How tv channels around the world are projecting the 2012 London Olympics.

Radio 1 Teen Awards TV trail

Here at Earshot we do like a great TV trail. Come and take a closer look at the new BBC TV trail for the forthcoming Radio 1 Teen Awards event.

How to make a radio promo, apparently

You’ll laugh when you hear this, but how much of it is the truth when you put together your next big station promotion or S&P...

P&M Awards preview 2009

If the UK radio industry was sufficiently well organised to have such a thing as a “Radio Promotions and Marketing Calendar”...

A little treat for every reader

As you may have noticed from the previous post we’re deep into the autumn awards season in UK radio. In addition to all the award...


Promoting the BBC season that aims to explain the aftershocks of the global recession.

Six ways to get that promos or production gig

Six tips from Steve Martin to make yourself more likely to land that next production job.

Advertising conundrum solved

We┬ánow know which half of the money spent on advertising is wasted. It’s the half spent making “McCain is elected”...