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Ideas and technique to help you promote and image radio

Robert Peston & Andrew Marr style it out on social

The UK’s two main TV politics shows carefully manage their image. It reminds us to control house style on social media as we do on air.

What do you tell the taxi driver you do for a job?

You work in radio but you’re not on the air. How do you tell the taxi driver without having to explain in detail what the hell you actually do?

Radio 4 and the #airspace trend

A nimble move on Twitter from BBC Radio 4 generates immediate value for the network and its audience.

6 cool radio things in January 2014

If you’ve spent the month doing dry January and those extra hours in the gym – then there’s a few tidbits out there that you may have misted. Here’s Earshot’s handy run down of cool things in radio marketing, promotions and production in January 2014.

TalkSPORT and Twitter’s separation of convenience

What can we learn from TalkSPORT’s position on the Stan Collymore Twitter debate?

Radio 4 plans comedy push in digital marketing campaign

Radio 4 has kicked off a social media campaign to push their comedy offering which taps into Twitter to try to expand its audience.

The new RadioPlayer campaign

This week sees the launch of a new extensive multi-platform campaign to promote Radioplayer to a wider audience encompassing radio ads, Google Admob banners, Facebook ads, Twitter, online and digital outdoor display.

The Real Radio car boot sale

Real Radio hosts a branded car boot sale in Manchester this weekend – is this genius marketing or pure tack?

What happens when you post your status from the wrong account?

In today’s every increasing social connected world – the role of social media as a comms tool for radio stations is ever more apparent – what happens when you slip up?

How can a radio station be social?

As Capital FM scores a place in the top 100 social brands chart we ask whether radio is the original social media.

Breakfast in the Afternoon

Bauer has launched ‘The Kiss Breakfast Takeaway’ – a bitesized chunk of the best bits of the Breakfast Show. Earshot takes a look.

You choose the news

Last week, the news team at Metro Radio handed over their years of journalistic training to the listener and let them ‘choose the...

A VW mechanic

Volkswagen – Fox no Planeta Terra – Twitter Zoom – English from AlmapBBDO Internet on Vimeo. Radio’s Matt Deegan...

Can a Twitter trending topic be a measureable metric?

Yesterday saw the first in a set of announcements across the newly formed national Capital FM network – in regards to the line-up...

The sounds of success

This post is based on a ten minute conversation I held recently with Kate Arkless Gray about the BBC’s Save Our Sounds campaign....

Radio wins the snowball fight

“Good Morning” said the DJ at 4pm. It was the third air shift in one day for Delta Radio’s Stuart Clark so you can...