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Ideas and technique to help you promote and image radio

Robert Peston & Andrew Marr style it out on social

The UK’s two main TV politics shows carefully manage their image. It reminds us to control house style on social media as we do on air.

Capital’s video calls are good for listeners too

Capital takes live video callers and it’s better for listeners too.

Well-made promo video for new Pirate FM presenter

Pirate FM nailed the message, the script and the production in this video promoting a new presenter.

Looking room in video

A simple rule to ensure you frame your shots properly in station video productions,

BBC Radio 1’s Seize Summer campaign

Guest contributor Matt Deegan likes the Seize Summer video shorts campaign from BBC Radio 1.

Capital XTRA wants curious listeners

With more safety risks per second than any other radio station promo spot you’ve seen this year, Capital XTRA believes the future belongs to the curious.

One Direction recreated by Fun Kids

How about a radio station music video that isn’t the Harlem Shake? Good. You’ve come to the right place…

Tapping into the YouTube sharing habit

The down-and-dirty way to make your radio production spots shareable via YouTube.

Using video to bring you new listeners

When you need to get speech radio content to new ears you might find, as BBC Radio 4 has, that video is part of the answer.

1Xtra’s new terrapin tv ad

National digital urban music station 1Xtra launches a wild new tv promo as it celebrates its highest audience to date.

Breakfast in the Afternoon

Bauer has launched ‘The Kiss Breakfast Takeaway’ – a bitesized chunk of the best bits of the Breakfast Show. Earshot takes a look.

Justin Bieber Kiss video

When Justin Bieber turned-up at the UK’s Kiss for interview the station made its studio look good enough on camera for a global superstar.

How to make a core artist video showcase

Here’s how to make a core artist video showcase, as demonstrated by Birmingham’s brmb.

Route into radio

Skillset and The Radio Academy have launched a fantastic new resource today called Route Into Radio. It gives young people a real insight...

Video now

Next week, Choice FM is running a “Music Potential Taster Day”  for 16-25 year olds. It’s sponsored by Barclaycard...