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Planet Rock motorway billboards

Planet Rock - roadsign style billboard

A couple of weeks ago I turned uncharacteristically sniffy about some bus-side work from Bauer in London. Sorry friends, but I knew you could do better.

And so you have. Here is a super piece of outdoor from Bauer’s Planet Rock brand.

Immediately eye-catching with a clear message and a cheeky subversion of the British Standard roadsign, these billboards are stationed at junction 1 of the M5 and junction 9 of the M6 until the end of September.

What makes this creative so strong? Simplicity.

No logo. No strapline. Just an idea that’s strong enough to stand on its own, brilliantly executed.

About the campaign

Although most of us know Planet Rock as a national digital station, it operates an additional FM outlet in the West Midlands, a region described by Planet Rock’s head of marketing Jon Norman as having “an incredible rock heritage”.

Jon says:

We feel there is an opportunity to grow our audience in the heartland of UK Rock music . The creative billboards have been designed to connect directly with our existing Planet Rockers as well as encouraging trial for potential new listeners.

See the signs in Walsall and West Bromwich

Planet Rock - billboard locations

Planet Rock – billboard locations