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Chérie FM’s effortless new jingles

Chérie FM logo

Ever noticed how the French support their language relentlessly… until they need to sell something?

Suddenly they’re scrambling for short pithy Anglo-Saxon words faster than François Hollande can drop his trousers.

Words like “pop” and “love” which sum-up Chérie FM perfectly and which the new jingle package from PURE Jingles bring alive in a fresh and effortless way, with the touch of Parisian flair you’d expect from France’s leading soft AC music brand.

[audio:érie-FM-2013.mp3|titles=”Chérie FM by PURE Jingles”]
Can’t see the player? Try this link.

The producers say the package is designed to support a playlist that contains artists like Michael Bublé, Mariah Carey, Rhianna and Rod Stewart.

A good reminder that musical jingles can be the most powerful communicators of a station’s positioning in any language.